New C Finance identity

Unlocking financial opportunities

We have released our new C Finance identity and we want to share our good news with you. This letter is to tell you about our journey and why our new identity is important for us. In practice, the new C Finance identity means that we have identified our values, crystallized our purpose for the future and defined our long-term vision – where we want to see ourselves in five years.


Our values - what we believe in  

Values are fundamental for us and the core of our company identity. We believe in four working values - Collaboration, Dedication, Transparency and Progress. We call these our working values, because we want our values to be present in our daily work, in decision making and to be visible in our culture. 


Our purpose - why does C Finance exist

Our purpose is to create value to our people, customers, investors and in society. With our services we want to help our customers to use their full financial potential. We give our people the opportunity to shine through a path of continuous learning. We are active in society to help people financially in different life-time-events. Together with our investors our aim is to create a positive impact on society.

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Our vision - to have the most recommended 2nd banking experience.

We want to be our customers’ first choice after their primary bank. With a 2nd banking experience we have a more emotional and flexible relationship to our customers, based on the customers’ own interest. The 2nd banking experience is a superior, easy and more flexible customer experience to help the customer in their everyday life. We want to offer lending at affordable rates and help customers to become wealthier with us by an all-around financial service.


Our journey forwards – by people for people

In the coming years we will invest strongly into research and development in order to improve our competitiveness. Technology is an essential part of our business and the core of our own development is an efficient lending engine. However important technology is, this is still a business by people – for people. We want to be a place where our people can contribute from day one and develop themselves professionally. At the same time it is important for us to help our customers succeed in their everyday life. With us people can shine!

Last, but far from the least, one of the leading stars for our business going forwards are our partners. We value our partnerships and we see that a seamless collaboration with our partners is crucial. We want to further strengthen the collaboration with our partners and for that open feedback and dialogue is very important. We know that when we share our knowledge, we can achieve more.


I have a great confidence that together with great people we can – and will – make our vision happen. 


Best regards,

Atte Suominen

Group CEO


P.S. A few words about me. Before joining C Finance, I worked for 13 years at Nordea Bank in several leadership positions both in Retail Banking and Wealth Management. I’m married with two wonderful daughters. Sports and reading are my primary hobbies.


Catharina Marschan