Unlocking financial opportunities


About us


We provide financial solutions to our customers. We are a Fintech company, experts in consumer lending for private individuals. Our C Finance team consists of a total of 25 people, located in Sweden, Finland and Luxembourg.

Our approach is to collaborate with traditional banks and other reputable players in financial industry.

We have a strong footprint in the Nordics

Being present since 2005, we have served over 370.000 customers in Sweden and Finland. We believe that in order to be internationally best, you need to be locally best. Our own in-house developed IT-system enables efficient services for our customers and a strong foundation for our state of the art scoring system.

We have a strong financial track record and have shown a steady sustainable growth of the business over many years. We have a 34 percentage CAGR of EBT and 35 percentage CAGR of turnover. Our financial forecast for 2018 shows CAGR to continue on the strong level.




We believe in four working values



- is our approach. We share expertise and encourage creativity with our people and in partnerships. We care for each other and know together we are stronger.


- is our mindset. We are brave to act on opportunities with a positive attitude and have a drive to perform. What we do, we do well.


- is our path. We are clear and trustworthy in our dealings with customers, partners and our people. We are consistent and secure.


- is our nature. Always looking for ways to improve our services, products, and our dealings. We build our knowledge and never rest on our laurels.




Our strategic cornerstones

  1. Strong organic growth

  2. Expanding our offerings

  3. Internationalization

  4. Growth through strategic partnerships